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Welcome to Bracken.

Luckily for Nick, I came into his life some 20 years ago when he was still farming the family farm at Bracken. Nick came out of farming in May 1998 and having renovated and modernised a couple of the old farm dwellings, we moved into Bracken Cottages in December 1998 with our growing brood of woofers!

Living in such a lovely part of East Yorkshire, right on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds, we decided it would be rather fab to be able to create something on-site that visitors to our area could relax in and enjoy too.

We are very pleased to say that this recently became a reality and Bracken Burrows was born.

Nick, myself and our dogs – Digby, Rupert, Kit, Jinx and Alfred – thank you for visiting our website and - hopefully - look forward to meeting you soon.

However, if our website has failed to answer any questions you may still have, we can be contacted by phone on 07399 459079, or via email – and we will be happy to reply.

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